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In her new film Breaking In, Gabrielle plays a badass mom who will stop at nothing to protect her family. But Gabrielle is fierce AF off-screen as well! We sat down with her to get her advice on how to be a true badass.

1. First off, don't be afraid to release your inner badass!

"You know, my inner badass is always bubbling right beneath the surface. Whether that's someone who refuses to signal before a lane change or I've got to fight against police brutality, it's always right there."

2. Forget about what others think.

"You have to give zero f*cks. There should be zero f*cks to give! There's no such thing as being a badass if you care about what everyone thinks. Did you see my bag of f*cks? And there was nothing in it. There were zero f*cks to even give. I couldn't give a f*ck because there were none in my imaginary bag."

3. Clapback with proper grammar.

"[When shutting down haters] I like to attack grammar first. I have to say, there's nothing more badass than an educated woman or an educated young person. So when somebody calls you a 'ho' and they put the 'e' on the end, is this someone you're really going to allow to take down your self-esteem? Somebody who can't even call you a ho correctly? Because they are calling you a garden tool. You can't let that stand! Spelling, proper punctuation, knowing the difference between "their" and "there." It all counts in a proper clapback."

4. Speak up for what you believe in.

"[A true badass is] someone who fights against sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia. Someone who isn't sitting silent thinking it's not their issue because it's not affecting them directly. Real badasses speak up."

5. Empower and support others.

"You support other badass women by showing up for badass women. If a badass woman has a movie out, show up in the theaters. If a badass woman has a great song out, buy it on iTunes. If a badass woman down the street needs some help, don't wait for her to fall out and circle the drain — show up when you know she needs the help. That's what badass women do."

6. Celebrate what makes you different.

"I love to think I am empowering all kinds of women [with my fashion line]. Our slogan is #alltogethernow, and it's all about celebrating body diversity and life diversity. There's no limit on age, sexuality, sensuality, fierceness — we want all comers. So to me, there's nothing more badass than inclusion. INCLUSION. Listen, are you hearing me now? And inclusion doesn't just mean people that look like you."

Thanks, Gabrielle, for sharing some of your badass tips!

Check out Gabrielle in her new badass film Breaking In, in theaters everywhere on May 11!

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