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25 Best Pieces Of Breaking Bad Fan Art

The king is dead; all hail the king. Be sure to catch Breaking Bad only on AMC. Sundays, 9/8c. (Caution: spoilers ahead!)

1. Albuquerque, by Cesar Moreno

2. Breaking Bad Blue, by Jared Nickerson

3. Lily of the Valley, by Jon Smith

4. Crazy 8, by Francesco Francavilla

5. Heisenberg, by Stanley Chow

6. Walt & Jesse, by Mike Thomas

7. Refreshing Walter, by La May

8. Cup Art, by Boey

9. The Cook, by Tim Doyle

10. Heisenberg & The Cartel of Death, by Timothy Lim

11. Walter White, by Tim Seeley

12. Super Breaking Bad 2 Turbo, by Johnny Utah

13. Apply Yourself, by Paul Flanders

14. Breaking Bad, by Otis Frampton

15. House White Sigil, by Caldwell Tanner

16. Walter White, by Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten

17. Heisenberg Needleart, by Steotch

18. The Chemist, by Eleanor Kane and George Sarell

19. Breaking Bad, by Matt Needle

20. I Am The Danger, by Alexander Iaccarino

21. Walter White, by Anonymous

22. Heisenberg Street Art, by Anonymous Graffiti Artist

23. Walter White, by Rick Fortson

24. Walt & Jesse, by James Vieri

25. Let's Cook, by Roomiccube