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    • breakerst

      CATZMAW:::: Yeah that sound great doesn’t it. “by having people who are unlikely to use health insurance in the pool” So we force people to purchase something they will not use so you can get a lower rate for something you should be paying higher for? You are stealing someone else’s property that is what you are doing. That fact is there in nothing good coming from this abomination of a law.
      All so you do not have to pay your FAIR SHARE:
      People are loosing their Jobs
      People are having their hours cut to part time status
      people’s rates are doubling & trippling
      People have already lost their health insurance
      People’s families are being split up and forced to hold multiple policies through their employers And for your little tibit on rates coming down, no they are not, in four Blues states that already had the highest rates in the country becuase of government regulation put in place by Demcrap policies some insurers (not all, many choose not to even get involved) low balled their bids in an attempt to gobble up market share, yeah, it was a head fake to trick people onto their roles so they can lock them into a false sense of security. Funny how right after this ole BOBO the clown put off the ceiling mandate on insurance policies, so you get a $300/month policy but you have a $25000 deductable, that sounds like a real improvement of previous plans. Here is the plan the GOP has
      Get the Governmetn out of our Health Care, they have no business being there.
      Let the Market control the rates
      Let free enterprise and cross state policies take effect
      Force those who go to the ER to wait until all insured policy holders have been seen unless they have a life threatening condition.
      Those that go to the ER without insurance must pay up front and full price for the services, there no is negotiated discounts available.

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