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The 10 Most Amazing World Trucks

The decorated vehicles , with somewhat unusual performance, often reaches points ends , including trucks , which often reaches limits even hurt the eye .

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1. Russian Police Truck


This huge truck is the vehicle of transport of the Russian police (yes, there make several incredible trucks), and is designed to reach all, and when all say are all the possible parts, including water or places found in the inaccessible top of a mountain .

2. Big Rig Jig

It is not a truck properly said , but a sculpture dedicated to truckers, which is in Oackland , California . There is plastic, wood or paper is made of metal, based on two trucks 18 wheels each.

3. Concept Truck

Designed by Luigi Colani (famous designer German industrial ), who has made several of this type, with several modifications since the first dating back to 1980 . Not you , but if I see this on the highway, do not do anything but scare me ...

4. Rotel

It is a German company, which covers 107 routes on five continents. During the day passengers traveling in the truck, and at night, the vehicle stops at some area camping . The trailer becomes comfortable accommodation for 42 passengers . This mobile hotel does not have bathrooms, so areas are chosen campsite , where drinking water is available. Obviously the hotel has water tanks, which gives you a trip independence of one or two días.En the rear of the trailer is located a kitchen in which food is prepared for passengers and the crew ( 1 driver and 1 guide). As a reference(2018 Best Trucks ), a tour of 29 days aboard this unique hotel, and a route from Rio de Janeiro to Cuzco , during which it goes through Brazil , Paraguay , Argentina , Bolivia and Peru , is priced at 3,690 euros per person.

5. Liebherr T 282B

Since it was designed in the year 2004 it is neither more nor less than the largest truck in the world. Weighs more than 200 tons and has a capacity of 300, costing approximately $ 3 million . Imagine the CD radio and air conditioning come included ...

6. Trucks Pakistanis


It's amazing how in this country tunean any vehicle to be put between the eyes, including the trucks (and buses). It not that this tunning be discreet much less, because the more striking colors and shapes have, seems to get better. The most commonly used in this country, drawings are the reasons religious .

7. Iron Wolf Truck


This truck that seems even museum was designed by several cyclists Muscovites and can be seen by several Russian roads throughout the year as they settle in different towns and cities of Russia , charging visitors to enter this spectacular vehicle .

8. Truck Sauna


In a country with so cold regions such as Russia , any heat option is acceptable (besides the famous vodka breakfast). Therefore, some facilities such as saunas, whose health benefits are more than tested, have a high demand in this country. Since there is more demand than supply, some savvy have managed to offer this service in addition to a form mobile . An obvious solution: the sauna mobile . It is a small truck whose loading portion is adapted as a real sauna of truth , with which their owners pass through regions forest far from civilization to provide locals this healthy offer that for obvious reasons can not access another way.

9. Dekorota


His name is the abrevación of 'Decoration Truck' (decorated truck). It is designed with some paintings and rare forms is that go unnoticed. It has neon lights and in some models is also decorated with various parts of gold. It is the maximum exponent of 'tuning' in trucks, designed as we say by several companies, or by the owner's own truck .

10. ex63-HDM 6 × 6 Truck

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If you look from the outside, this truck designed by German manufacturer Unicat, looks more like a garbage truck than anything else. But inside it has more to very many houses luxurious .

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