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Sapa Love Market - A Special Feature In Sapa

Going to visit Sapa, tourists will get opportunities to take part in regional markets including the Love market. In addition to this market, Sapa holds many other markets such as buffalo market Can Cau, Coc Ly market and Bac Ha market.

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In the trip to Sapa, almost all the tourists would like to not only admire the natural beauty but also explore unique cultures of the local people. The Sapa Love Market is one of the most outstanding cultures of H'mong and Dao people. This is the place for young men and women from various Northwest villages to meet each other and exchange the felling. The market is a contributor to enhancing the number of tourists coming here annually.

Quite a few people misunderstand that the Love Market is the destination where love and feeling are regarded as the goods for exchange. However, the reality is far different from this concept. If really going to visit Sapa and being involved in this market, you will realize that no one buy or sell the love here. In contrast, the feeling for each other is completely based on the voluntary spirit. In other words, the Love Market is for couples to make a date and send their love to partners in the most delicate way.

The majority of tourists is quite excited about famous markets in Sapa such as buffalo market Can Cau, Coc Ly market and Bac Ha market. With distinctive features, the Sapa Love Market also brings tourists much curiosity and excitement. Normally, the market is held every Saturday night with a number of interesting activities. At the market meeting, people at young age of villages in the region will come here to make a date and communicate through many activities such as tug of war, blowing "khen" and "giao duyen" singing. Boys will blow "khen la" to seek girlfriends. The girl who like that sound will stand close to the boy while the boy still continue blowing. After that, if really having good feelings for each other, they will together go up the hillside, have a private talk and send words of love to each other. In reality, the market creates the close relationship for quite a lot couples; and even many of them become companions for life.

The Love Market usually takes place in a large garden of Sapa Rock Church. In the afternoon, along the street and in the garden, there are a significant number of women wearing beautiful clothes and silver bracelets. In other corners, we can see some young men standing round the girls and giving them cassette recorder which contains songs showing their love in the local language.

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