14 Signs You Might Be Long Island Royalty

It’s called “Strong Island” for a reason, and its ladies will never let you forget it. Get to know the cast of Bravo’s newest series Princesses: Long Island, and tune in to watch their encounters with love and life, Every Sunday at 9/8c.

1. You spent at least one summer experimenting with theater camp.

2. DJ Jeff spun at your bat mitzvah.

DJ Jeff Yahney Fan Club / Via Facebook: DJ-Jeff-Yahney-Fan-Club

3. Hewlett Station Yogurt has your order on lock. And your sister's. And your mom's. And probably your Bubbe's, too.

danisimonn / Via instagram.com

4. It's not Manhattan. It's…

5. Passover's the perfect excuse to jumpstart your carb-free diet.

6. You were majorly loyal to the local emo explosion before it hit the rest of America.

7. But not without worshipping at the altar of DAVE at the same time.

8. Mustard? On a burger?

9. Your Bat Mitzvah favors and sign-in board have yet to leave your childhood bedroom.

lucas_cantor / Via Flickr: lucas_cantor

10. You won't admit it out loud, but there's a really special space in your heart for this certain shade of blue.

Flickr: briansolis / Via http://briansolis

11. Your special superpower is making it onto your LIRR train within the minute it's about to leave the station.

12. You could navigate this place with your eyes closed.

13. You're fiercely loyal to your side of the island.

14. You're really looking forward to your prince waltzing into your life.

Tune in to learn the lay of the land and the ladies who rule it on "Princesses: Long Island" – Every Sunday at 9/8c. Only on Bravo.

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