10 Southern Stereotypes That Are Totally True

And you aren’t ashamed of a darn thing. Tune in to Southern Charm on Bravo, March 3 at 10/9c.

1. Saying “y’all.”

Because what does “you guys” even mean?

2. Drinking sweet tea with every meal.

Nickelodeon Productions / Via overactivedreamer.tumblr.com

Sorry, we don’t drink “pop” in the south.

3. Monogramming everything.

It’s important to take pride in the family name, obviously.

4. Embracing butter as a way of life.

No, but seriously, of course we do.

5. Loving a good glamour shot…

Via Colleen Stufflebeem

These need to be taken every year and require big hair.

6. Wearing boat shoes year-round.

And only Sperrys.

7. Forming an obsession with Lilly Pulitzer.

If life were a pattern, it’d be floral.

8. Dressing like this…

Hill Street Studios/Eric Raptosh / Via Getty Images

Bow ties are non-negotiable.

9. …when we go to see this.

Horse races are also non-negotiable.

10. Not leaving the house without pearls.

Pearls are everything diamonds aren’t.

See how they really live in the south on Southern Charm on Bravo, March 3 at 10/9c.

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