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12 Insanely Good Gifts Every Man Didn’t Realize He Needs

Doesn't have to be on his list to be life-changing.

1. This beard bib that keeps beard hairs out of the sink – because your S.O. is seriously losing their patience.

2. This comb that also helps shape your facial hair – because symmetry doesn't come easy.

3. This fitness sledgehammer for the anyone on the eternal quest for #gainz – because the plateau is real.

4. This smart scale that measures weight, BMI, cardio health, and more – because nobody has time to wait at the doctor's.

5. This Bluetooth shower speaker that'll liven up your morning routine – because the acoustics make everyone sound great.

6. This Bluetooth beanie that plays music directly from the hat – because headphones over the beanie is not a good look.

7. This gaming mouse will have you playing like never before — even if browsing the web is your game.

8. This laser-guided level for hanging stuff like a professional – because nobody needs "extra" holes in the wall.

9. This definitive book on football so you can fake everyone into thinking you care – because society demands this of you.

10. This travel map with adventure suggestions – because it's a great conversation starter for houseguests.

11. This portable water purifier – because your adventures may take you off the beaten path.

12. This genius travel bag with straps that adapt seamlessly from backpack straps to duffle handles – because organization is truly key.

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It even includes a collapsable laundry bag to keep dirty clothes organized during getaways. AND a waterproof water bottle pocket. AND an RFIP security pocket. AND a vacuum bag.

And don't forget to pack your shaver!