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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have Facial Hair

"Does it ever get itchy?" – every person you meet on this sweet Earth

1. People use your facial hair to sum up your entire identity.

2. And sometimes strangers will address you as "mustache guy" or "beard guy" or "goatee guy", etc.

3. People make big assumptions about your profession based on your facial hair.

4. And they often assume they know your interests based solely on your facial hair style.

5. Without fail, strangers will ask you about the facial hair in the first five minutes of meeting you.

6. And this naturally sorts people into two categories: people who love your facial hair and people who do not.

7. Romantically, this can be very helpful when trying to determine if someone fancies you or not.

8. But you may also find you're merely the latest partner in a long line of people with your same facial hair.

9. Perhaps most surprising is that the biggest admirer of your facial hair is other guys who are envious of it.

10. But let's be honest: You love your face fur too.

11. And you definitely know the struggles of attempting to keep it looking its best.

12. Your bathroom cabinet is home to a collection of scissors, brushes, trimmers, ointments, and other tools you use to woo the ol' wool.

13. And when you encounter another guy with strong facial hair, you tend to swap methods and products.

14. People are endlessly entertained by old photos of you from before your time with statement facial hair.

15. And sometimes you do consider a change-up.

16. If you do a shave, you definitely shave in stages to enjoy each unique pattern of possible facial hair.

17. And you've definitely created a special statement look just for one costume or event.

18. You would never admit this publicly, but you have on occasion done some role play with your facial hair in the bathroom mirror.

19. Last but not least, when you finally do decide to go back to bare, everyone in your life FREAKS THE HECK OUT.

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