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12 Signs You’re The Stylish One In The Relationship

*takes bigger closet*

1. Your S.O. doesn't understand why you spend so much money getting your hair cut.

2. And they've learned the hard way that it's never just a "pop into the store" with you.

3. You've definitely had heated debates about wardrobe space.

4. Sadly, your S.O. often fails to notice when you're absolutely slaying.

5. They don't get how you can spend hours shopping online.

6. Your morning routine is more extensive than theirs and takes way more time.

7. And they often have to wait patiently while you compose the perfect look before leaving the house.

8. Sometimes your look is too avante garde for them and they just don't understand.

9. You don't like hipsters in theory, but you've definitely experimented with the look.

10. You sometimes look at your S.O. and wonder how their “ensemble” looks in their head.

11. They don't understand how you can obsess over the smallest parts of your look.

12. Last but not least, you've definitely bought your S.O. new clothes hoping to push them in a better direction.

Looking for the ultimate partner in style?