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Guys Confess Fashion Moments That Were Too Bold For This World

Back-to-school season gives you a chance to reinvent your style. Part of the fun of finding your style is making off-the-wall choices as you settle on a look that suits you. Thanks to Braun’s MGK3060 multi-grooming kit offering maximum control and precision, picking a look just got a whole lot easier.

We asked 10 guys about the boldest fashion choices they'd ever made. Here's what they shared with us.

"I wanted to see how far I could push my title of 'the most comfortable man in the office', so I bought a pair of slippers I could wear in the office! They sit under my desk, and I change into them every morning. I wore them every day for about three weeks before anyone noticed; then, one day, a client came in for a meeting."

"'Are you wearing slippers?'

"'Yeah, don't you?'

"He gave me this confused look like he was missing out on something, and to be honest, he was! Office slippers are the future!"

– Jordan B

"My whole time in grade school, I always wanted a mohawk. I’d gotten really into punk rock bands and found the whole rebellious look really inspiring. My mom wouldn’t let me get one, so I did it myself, and it came out slightly crooked? Like, not visibly crooked, but it was also not perfect in the back. Some of my friends laughed, but I still think it was the coolest look I’ve ever had.”

– David L

“I’ve gone through a lot of phases fashion-wise, but the one that sticks out the most to me is my duct tape phase. I used to purposely wear clothes until they fell apart, patch them up with duct tape, and then keep wearing them. The worst was a leather jacket I had that was more tape than leather. People laughed at me, but I still think it was kind of cool!”

– Charles O

“For as long as I can remember, I always wanted a moustache, just like the cool guys you’d see in old ’80s movies. So as soon as I was able to grow facial hair, that was exactly how I styled it. I got a few laughs at first, but by the time I started college that whole retro ’80s look miraculously came into fashion. I guess that makes me kind of a trendsetter.”

– M Barry

"I used to own a diamanté-studded black T-shirt. That's all I have to say on the matter."

– Taylor J

"When I was 18 and I was 'experimenting' with fashion, I bought a T-shirt with a zip in it. I went to a party where my friends correctly pointed out that I had bought a breastfeeding top."

– Joe B

"I had this pair of tartan-print high-top sneakers. I have absolutely zero Scottish heritage, nor am I particularly fond of tartan. I wore them once to a concert and never put them on again."

– Owen S.

“When I was in my early teens, I absolutely loved those T-shirts with a cartoon character's body just below the neckline, so it looks like you have the cartoon's body. My favorite was one with a cartoon caveman on it. I thought it was the height of humor!"

Ben W

“I was really into wrestling as a kid, and there was this one wrestler who wore a bucket hat with the top cut out. I loved his whole look and wanted to emulate it, but my mum wouldn't let me get an official hat. One day, I got a regular bucket hat and cut out the top. The only problem was my hair wasn't long enough to stick out the top, which made it look pretty pointless.”

– Ben A

"I was pretty lucky in high school 'cause I was one of the first guys in my class to be able to grow a full beard. I thought it was so cool, and I never bothered shaving it. Instead, I started dressing older and wearing shirts and ties more often. Obviously, I was pretty developed for my age, so some of the younger kids at school thought I was a teacher. Still think it's the most grownup I've ever looked!"

– Pa

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