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    • brassbracelets

      Grew up in a farm house that was built in the 1830’s, many strange things happened pretty often but one particular incident sticks out. On a rare occasion I had the house to myself for an afternoon, I was in my living room and noticed an abundance of electrical surges. Old house= not a necessarily strange occurrence, so I start to check outlets and unplug items. I got to the bottom of the staircase when a thundering crash came from the upstairs. You would have sworn the roof was dropping through the floors. The crashing continued for about five minutes, and then all went quiet. I made for that first step expecting to survey some kind of massive damage, but stopped again - this time because my dad was screaming, upstairs where something huge had just happened, in the empty house. The screams eventually stopped, and the surges stopped in sync. There was a final ‘crack’ noise as I was seeing myself out the door to wait for my parents outside. When my dad did finally get home, he of course thought I was embellishing, so we went upstairs together to see what had happened. Our bathroom had been completely turned over, and a stationary screen that had been screwed to the window was ripped out and sitting in pieces across the room, with chunks window frame it took along when it moved. We had tons of things move while I was living there, but never before or after did anything SOUND like an occupant. It still freaks me out a decade later.

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