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    We Tried A Gender Neutral Online Personal Shopper

    "I guess I'm a column?"

    So there's an online personal shopping service that caters to androgynous women and gender nonconforming people.

    It's called Greyscale Goods, and it was started by Sara Medd, a queer woman living in Los Angeles.

    As someone who personally struggles with binary clothing options, I decided to try it out.

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    The first step was completing the style profile.

    The profile asked me about my measurements, what sizes I typically wear, and outfits I could see myself wearing.

    Like many online personal shopping services, Greyscale Goods sends you a box of clothes, (for a styling fee of $48) and you send back the clothes that you don't want.

    Now for the bad news: There is currently a 8-12 week waiting list for those who fill out profiles now.

    Anyway, my clothes arrived!

    Using a few items from my own wardrobe, I put together three looks.

    The first outfit was something I never would've picked out on my own, but something I ultimately fell in love with.

    The second outfit was something a little more casual, that I could easily find in my existing wardrobe.

    Ultimately I decided I did not need another flannel.

    The final outfit was, by far, my favorite.

    One of my co-workers even told me that I looked like I belong in a punk band.

    My final thoughts? The clothes were a bit on the pricey side, so I would urge people to keep that in mind before trying the service.

    But overall, I was super satisfied with Greyscale Goods and pleased a service exists for people like myself who dress outside the binary.