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We Asked Queer Black Men What Moonlight Means To Them

"I'm glad that there's a movie that has shown that we are out there, and we are people who are deserving of love."

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Last night, Barry Jenkins' extraordinary coming-of-age film Moonlight won Best Picture (after a truly crazy mixup), making Oscars history.

We asked queer black men about why the film matters — and they pointed out many scenes that particularly resonated with them.

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Like this breathtaking scene:

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Many connected with Chiron's internal struggle.

Does anyone else remember their heart shattering into a million pieces at this part?

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Certain scenes hit home in a very personal way.

Some were swept up by the romance of it all.

Many were hopeful that the success of Moonlight would pave the way for more movies like it.

More diverse stories, please.