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Things "The Bachelor" Pretends Are Normal That Are RED FLAGS

"I'm totally in love with you. ...And with her."

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The Bachelor is addictive to watch, but it definitely doesn't portray realistic dating scenarios. And NONE of the things that seem normal in Bachelor-land would fly in real life! I mean, just look:

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Taking someone on a super expensive, really over-the-top, always somehow kinda dangerous date is hella bizarre IRL. Why are you tryna jump off a building on a first date??


In the real world, relationships take place within the context of jobs, family, life, commutes, errands...

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In Bachelor-land, it's no wonder that insecurities about the relationship run rampant. It's literally all there is to talk about.

If you're far enough along in a relationship to have sex, you need to be comfortable enough to call it sex. And have a conversation about it. And use the real word for it.

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How will you talk about protection and testing if you can't even say "sex"??

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