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    The Dangers Facing Trans Women Of Color In 2017

    BuzzFeed News spoke with three members of New York City's Anti-Violence Project about the dangers facing trans women of color, at least seven of whom have been killed this year.

    In 2016, 27 trans and gender-nonconforming people were reportedly killed — making it the deadliest year on record for trans victims in the US.

    With at least 7 trans women killed in the first three months of this year, 2017 isn't looking any safer for women in the trans community.

    BuzzFeed News spoke with three counselors from the Anti-Violence Project, an organization that provides free and confidential assistance to the New York LGBT community, about the dangers trans women of color face.

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    In response to the violence, trans women and LGBT groups all around the country have taken action, hoping to raise awareness and understanding. Lourdes Hunter, the executive director of the Trans Women Of Color Collective, spoke at a March 6th rally co-organized and led by the collective.

    "We have families, we have careers, we have aspirations and dreams just like anybody else," Vanessa told BuzzFeed News. "And it shouldn't be up to someone else to decide when that ends for us."

    "Having conversations with parents in your neighborhood, schools in your neighborhood — when those institutions have strategic conversations about dismantling transphobia, then we can begin to have better conversations on how to live in a community together," Lala added.

    With their actions they hope to inspire others to join the fight in ending transphobia —

    — and finally put to rest the long history of oppression and violence towards trans women.


    This post has been updated to reflect that Lourdes Hunter of the Trans Women Of Color Collective spoke at the March 6th rally.