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What It's Like Being In An Interracial Relationship

Is it different? Kind of... not at all, actually.

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1. Everyone can’t get over how cute your babies are going to be. Now you have to have babies.

2. When you argue you’re unknowingly representing your whole race. No pressure.

3. But you fight about normal stuff like doing dishes.

4. You will at some point sing out loud Ebony and Ivory, or any song involving interracial partnerships.

5. If you’re meeting the folks pray your respective grandfather’s racist traits weren’t passed down to your dad.

6. Nope, dad’s cool with it…both dads.

7. You realize no stereotype is true because everyone is different.

8. How was this once illegal…

9. It’s only been legal for 47 years…

10. When you're out together people stare because you're really cute.

11. You hope someone has taken a picture of you to put on the cute interracial couples tumblr.

12. You frequently check cute interracial couples tumblr to see if you’re on there.

13. Your partner’s respective cultural background is really cool and all you want to do is know more.

14. You go on normal dates like going out for dinner.

15. Seeing a movie.

16. Holding hands.

17. You even have normal sex.

18. Even though there’s no such thing as “normal” sex.

19. What makes your relationship extraordinary, just like any other relationship, is that you don’t see race, you just see a human being. And that’s not cheesy, it’s love.

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