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    • brandyamosg

      I have homeschooled all 4 of my children, at different stages. I have had all four in public school, and in private school. I have come to the conclusion that being well rounded is the key. I have also come to the conclusion that peer pressure and bullying, in brick&mortar schools is unhealthy and causes my children to be unhappy. I have watched the light in my youngest child’s eyes dim from excitement to go to school to dread at getting out of the car and walking into school. I don’t think homeschool is for everyone and I don’t think regular school is for everyone. I think a well rounded, combination of the both is the best for my kids. When one method isn’t working, and the learning stops, then another way must be found. I am dedicated to my children and ready to do whatever they need, to the best of my ability.

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