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24 Observations Of A Disney Cast Member

Just some fun observations from a former Disney Cast Member. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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3. The Serious Cast Member

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They are a glorified bouncer for Friar Tuck. Nobody even knows what a Friar Tuck is.

Yet, they think they are security for Emma Watson. And you better not let them see you sneak a Mickey Bar, heaven help you.

4. The Clueless Cast Member

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They could be working at Six Flags over Georgia for all they know. Their knowledge of Disney is about as grand as their knowledge on Thermal Nuclear Astra Physics.

"Who? King Louie? You mean the legendary trumpet player?" "Oh right Pocahontas, my favorite Lady Gaga song."

However no matter which type of Cast Member you are you will always...

7. Smile

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You know in “The Dark Knight” when the Joker asks how he got those scars. He lied. He worked at Disney and his face just stuck that way.

No smile would be complete without saying...

10. Disney Lingo and Code

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'And what do you do at your job?'

"I'm friends with Donald."

'Oh, you're friends with Donald Duck? You don't sound like a crazy person at all.'

Which brings us to...

11. Characters

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They are that character.

"What did you do on your day off?"

'Oh my, I went frolicking in the forest and picked berries with my animal friends.'

"You sound insane Stacy."

'My name is Snow White.'

You'll probably become...

22. You Feel Like You Have Something To Do With The Success of Disney Films

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On Facebook you congratulated Frozen for winning an Oscar. The closest thing you had to do with the success of that film is sell Elsa dolls for 50 bucks a pop.

But you only feel this way because you have an overwhelming sense of...

24. Dreams Do Come True

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It's hard not to believe this. You see it everyday when a kid meets their hero and unlike an adult meeting their hero, the kid isn't let down. Mickey and the gang are as real as the ice cream on the tip of their tongue.

Take satisfaction Dream Weaver.

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