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10 Reasons To Meet Me For A Cup Of Tea

From working as a creative in a tech startup to having my artwork exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, I have the creative mind and enthusiasm to be your next Junior Creative.

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1. I've worked as a creative at a tech startup (and loved it!)

Rory Keddie

Straight out of university I started at Crowdmix - a tech startup with the aim of creating a social network for music. As part of the brand partnerships team I responded to creative briefs from top brands, brainstorming ideas, pitching and eventually implementing my own ideas.

Oh and believe it or not, that giant desk was a thing.

2. I've worked with top influencers on branded content

Julius Dean / Via Facebook

At Crowdmix, we created a video with Julius Dean for E-One Entertainment that reached over 4.5 million views.

3. I helped run a successful Kickstarter campaign


Wellbrix is a innovative product built for sports massage. I worked to create content for the Kickstarter campaign, which successfully raised £4,000 above the initial target!

4. My painting was exhibited in the 2015 RA Summer Exhibition

Rory Keddie

Having collaborated on a very experimental painting, Frank (below right) and I decided to enter into the Summer Exhibition. Eight weeks later the painting was hanging from the Academy's walls. Ten weeks later it had sold! To quote the esteemed thinker (and singer) with the initials JB... never say never.

5. I won a scholarship to study as part of the first ever cohort at The New College of the Humanities

Telegraph / Via

I studied as part of the first cohort at AC Grayling's New College of the Humanities, undertaking a degree in Philosophy and the college's Diploma, which covers a liberal arts curriculum.

I graduated with a first class degree and had the opportunity to found the Student Magazine and the Art Society.

6. I founded and edited Anchor Magazine

Rory Keddie

At University I was elected as the first ever Media and Communications Officer and in the role I founded Anchor Magazine. As Editor I grew the Magazine from an A5 rag born out of the university printer into a thriving print and digital publication with over thirty contributors. And Richard Dawkins loved it (see above).

7. I've interviewed Man Vs Food and Al Murray


Anchor Magazine published hundred of articles and interviews including interviews with Adam Richman of Man vs Food, Al Murray, Sir Trevor Nunn, Peter Singer and Rev. Jide Macaulay, a gay Nigerian pastor who's father is the head of the church in Nigeria and a key supporter of anti-gay legislation:

8. Anchor Magazine partnered with the News Hub and brought in ad revenue


We teamed up with The News Hub, an innovative tech-journalism startup, expanding our reach and bringing in revenue. One article I published on the site trended in South Africa:

We also brought in ad revenue from local businesses and top brands including Bulldog skincare, enabling us to pay our contributors.

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