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17 Instagrams You Don't Want Turned Into Ads

Instagram's new Terms of Service give them the right to turn your photos into ad campaigns without asking permission or paying royalties. Turns out, there are all sorts of pics on Instagram you probably don't want the world to see. Here's what advertising could look like using just a few of your photos.

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1. Get Your Guy Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs This Christmas!

To be fair, this guy probably wants the world to see his bod. Shame we had to cover his eyeballs, they were two of his bigger muscles.

12. Bring a Box of Franzia To Your Next Party!

Franzia stole this ad out from beneath the Rolling Stones world tour and the Oakland Raiders. To be fair, the Raiders may not be a team next year so there's a freeze on advertising.

Here's Your Second Chance

Needless to say, if you're on Instagram and you're profile is public, your pics are already out in the world. But do you really want them popping up in Facebook Ads? Your future boss is on Facebook. So is your mom.

(FYI: We masked each image a bit to give these people a second chance to take the pics down - before it's too late.)


After facing a maelstrom of angry users on social media, Facebook and Instagram are re-writing the offending language in their new Terms of Service. But all of these photos are still available publicly through Instagram, so...

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