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    • brandonr23

      I am really disheartened with how we’ve been brainwashed to fight each other. Boomer’s aren’t the problem I’magen-xer and never once saw anything to collaborate that. What brings us to this point is 30 years of decisions made to the benefit of corporations. We need to let the wealthy start paying for the enormous chances they get in the US that they can’t get anywhere else.  Companies pay almost nothing in taxes although they are supposed to pay about 35%. Small businesses take on this burden with little problem but the companies who make billionsayear seemingly can’t handle this burden. Facebook usedastock loophole this year to not only not pay taxes but to getasubstantial return more than say most people working.  We need to take out corporate lobbying and need to make the wealthy pay their fair share. WhatIfind even worse is that we have people who made billions of money without risking their own no loans nothing that personally affected them. They used our collective money to make themselves rich and they are still doing it. If there is anything we should take away from this its that the current politicians don’t stand for our interests. So instead of reelecting people who are basically employees of corporate interests lets get more politicians with our interests in mind. We need more Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sander’s not corporate cronies.

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