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    5 BuzzFeed Videos You Can't Miss From This Week

    Ready to kick back and start the weekend with some videos? Try these, hand-picked just for you.

    1. thank u, cats

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    Because Ariana Grande is truly the only thing I believe in anymore, this tribute to her latest music video is first on this list. We recreated her iconic video with a subject that is near and dear to our heart — cats. Tighten your ponytail, cuddle up with your whiskered friend, and enjoy.

    2. I Made A Giant 30-Pound Burger

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    Alvin is no stranger to making amazing, next-level foods with Tasty (100-layer lasagna HELLO) and this time his magical hands are creating a truly giant-sized burger. There's honestly not much more I can say about this, but just know when I saw that perfect bun come out of the oven, I FELT that.

    3. $347 Prime Rib - Part 3 of the Worth It Holiday Special

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    In this finale to their three-part holiday special, the boys are back and this time around they're headed to a potluck to celebrate the holidays. The star of the show is a $347 roast that they cook themselves (!!!) and serve to friends. With fine times had by all and some special appearances by familiar faces, this is the holiday conclusion you don't want to miss!

    4. I Found Out My Dad's Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test (Part 1)

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    Listen, I am a total sucker for a good ~mystery~ and OMG I am so glad we've already released parts two and three because I am HOOKED! In this first part we meet Sam who finds out that the guy she'd been calling her dad for 25 years is not really her biological father. It's got major docu-series vibes and I'm living for it. Gonna go watch the rest of these brb!

    5. I Created That Viral Dance Feat. Backpack Kid

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    Once in awhile, things come around in life that just makes you feel old. For me, it's this. I have seen everybody doing this dance all over ~the internets~ and have obviously attempted it myself but I sadly just don't have the coordination or the charisma to make it look cool. However, I did find this video very informative because I hadn't known about the history behind this mysterious and exciting phenomenon. The more you know! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I...need to go practice some more.

    Bonus: Lin-Manuel Miranda Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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    Because Lin-Manuel Miranda and puppies together is a combination that you never knew you needed in your life.

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