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    5 BuzzFeed Videos You Can't Miss From This Week

    You survived the first week back at work after the holidays! Treat yourself by catching up on these hand-picked videos from the week.

    1. I Challenged My Eating Disorder For 30 Days

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    In this emotional video, Kate bares all for us and shares her experiences with an eating disorder. She films a month of her life and through the process, we get to see the reality of an eating disorder and how it can mess with someone's mind in a relatable and raw way. Her vulnerability is admirable here, and the strength she finds makes for an amazing and wonderfully impactful video.

    2. We Find Out Where We Stand On These Relationship Debates

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    In this video, the girls of Ladylike bring us some major LOLs (as usual). We hear from Chantel and Freddie on their stances in popular relationship debates such as doing long-distance and getting back together with your ex *nervously sweats* Where do you stand on these?

    3. Eating A 3-Course Meal At 7-Eleven

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    OMG, Inga is in Taipei this week and she shows us how freaking amazing 7-Elevens there are and um, I can't stop watching. It is basically like a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need?!?! I am feeling v jealous and seriously deprived.

    4. I Got A Man Weave To Impress My Girlfriend

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    OK, so I totally admit that I didn't know that man weaves were a thing before but after watching this video I am so impressed and think it's actually the coolest thing. Check out Zeus's transformation here and prepare to be wowed.

    5. Most-Watched Tasty Breakfasts Of The Year

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    I am such a sucker for yearly roundups, especially when they have to do with food, and Tasty just came thruuuu with this compilation of the most-watched breakfast videos of the year. My stomach is rumbling and I need those banana muffins ASAP.

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