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    25 Things To Do At Midnight On New Year's Instead Of Kissing Someone

    It's not that I don't have anyone to kiss, I'm just choosing not to.

    1. Drink a glass of champagne

    2. Drink an entire bottle of champagne

    3. Actually, just drink a few bottles of champagne

    4. Make a New Year's resolution

    5. Watch Netflix

    6. Delete the numbers of all the trash men from 2017

    7. Burn some sage

    8. Plan a trip abroad

    9. Enjoy some night cheese

    10. Pray

    11. Listen to Kesha's 2017 comeback hit "Praying"

    12. Read a book

    13. Respond to the email your grandmother sent you months ago

    14. Organize your tupperware

    15. Get into a Twitter argument with a random person

    16. Register to vote because it is your civic duty and the 2018 midterm elections will determine the future of this country as we know it

    17. Scroll through Instagram and look at all of your friends who are kissing people at midnight

    18. Block all of those friends

    19. Look up crockpot recipes for singles

    20. Draft a text confronting the guy you kind of had a thing with earlier in the year, only to erase it and block his number from your phone entirely

    21. Knit

    22. Sign up for a cycling class because 2018 is going to be that year you finally get into cycling

    23. Eat some cake

    24. Play that New Year's song by Mariah Carey that no one knows the words to

    25. Enjoy all the fantastic and hilarious articles on BuzzFeed