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24 Reasons Mindy Kaling Is The Best

Happy birthday to the queen of sass and chicken wings!

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What worldwide celebration is today? MINDY KALING'S BIRTHDAY

So here are 24 reasons why she's the greatest person ever.

1. Modesty is her thing.

2. She knows that foods can complement your already beautiful looks.

3. And that finding both brains and bronze is difficult.

4. She embraces who she is and owns it.

5. But acknowledges that sometimes you just have to keep pushing through life.

6. Being self aware is important.

7. As is being honest with others.

8. She's actually really honest about herself.

9. Like, REALLY honest.

10. Perhaps too honest?

11. Nope - she's perfect.

12. Her vision for the future is beautiful.

13. As are her views on the music industry.

14. She's aware of the opinions of others.

15. And strives to embody some of the leading role models of our time.

16. Compassion? Check.

17. She understands the desires of the human race.

18. Her slogan for a future presidential run is already planned.

19. She's never afraid to share her opinion or challenge authority.

20. And never shows signs of weakness.

21. But most importantly, she's an influential person to millions.

22. She teaches people to be unabashed in their lives.

23. And to always keep pushing forward.

24. Because at the end of the day, you just have to be yourself.

So here's to you, Mindy - Happy Birthday!

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