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17 Times NeNe Leakes Made Us Scream "YAAAASSSSS"

"The shade, honey, I live!"

1. The time she showed how honest she is.

2. When she captured how we feel when someone you can't stand talks to you.

3. Or when that same person wants to hang out.

4. That time she acknowledged that it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

5. Her insight into proper wig safety.

6. When she passed on some straight up wisdom.

7. The time she served up some more honesty.

8. Any time she made a face like this.

9. Or this.

10. Really every single time she's on camera.

11. Her eye rolling exudes elegance and power.

12. You can honestly taste the level of shade in the air.

13. Shade is almost like her life force.

14. More shade? YES PLEASE.

15. Yessssss


17. And of course, the greatest one-liner of the entire franchise.