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    Top Ten San Diego Bars, Pubs, And Taverns

    Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, which means the weather is finally nice enough to get out and have a good time! Here are the top ten bars, pubs, and taverns in the San Diego area.

    10. Wolf's Head Pub And Eatery

    9. Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant

    8. Crushed

    7. Gaslamp Speakeasy

    6. San Diego Brew Project

    5. Next Door

    4. Tiger!Tiger!

    3. Noble Experiment

    2. The Aero Club Bar

    1. Hamilton's Tavern

    And remember...

    Don't drink and drive! Take a walk. Get a cab. Have a designated driver (poor guy - it takes a great friend to be DD). You really don't want to end up with a DUI. And we all know that a ticket really ruins the night.

    So pick your spot, make reservations (if needed), go out, and have some fun!