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    Top Ten San Diego Bars, Pubs, And Taverns

    Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, which means the weather is finally nice enough to get out and have a good time! Here are the top ten bars, pubs, and taverns in the San Diego area.

    10. Wolf's Head Pub And Eatery

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    "Home of the half-pound Meat Loaf Panini!

    Try our version of the pressed Reuben, or healthy chicken with goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes

    We have 11 beers on tap, including Mike Hess, Groundswell and other local favorites. Come join us for good food, good beer, good music and great friends!

    We also have live music Thursday-Saturday."

    9. Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    I'm guessing that the truffle fries are worth trying...

    "Some of the best truffle fries I've ever had in my life!"

    "Truffle fries, truffle fries, truffle fries!"

    "The truffle fries are amazing and good size to share."

    "Only regret that I have is not ordering the truffle fries to go with my slider. I read that they are addicting. Even saw a few people at the restaurant inhaling them and I was jealous."

    8. Crushed

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    "Crushed brings an awesome brunch to Pacific Beach!

    Where you can enjoy a variety of craft beer, unique mimosas, and great wine in a neighborhood atmosphere.

    Our menu offers selections from American, Mexican and Italian cuisines and is Killer!

    Come in at night for mouth watering tapas and a drink in a cozy hangout."

    7. Gaslamp Speakeasy

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    "The Gaslamp Speakeasy specializes in craft cocktails and live jazz and blues. From fresh muddled watermelon to bacon infused whiskey, we do it all. And all over a background of sultry jazz and harmonic blues tunes. Our highly trained bartenders will educate you on classic cocktails as well as create something custom to your drinking preferences. Stop in soon and let our mixologists hand craft a cocktail just for you!"

    6. San Diego Brew Project

    Thrillist / Via

    Thrillist Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    The San Diego Brew Project's big draw is it's unique selection of locally-brewed beers...

    "San Diego Brew Project is a brewery with a huge selection of local craft beers and a bar to try them all."

    "I enjoy this place a lot. 100% of the beers on draft are brewed in San Diego and you'll find a number of breweries that may not be well represented at other beer bars around town."

    "Good local beer selection!"

    "Beer: Great selection of local SD brews. Ask one of the bartenders to help you pick out the perfect one.

    Wine: This was originally a wine bar and they sell wine by the bottle so there is something for everyone.

    Food: Excellent. I highly recommend trying the sliders. They are unreal.

    Atmosphere: Perfect. Come on a sunny day and they will have an open air atmosphere with garage doors that open."

    5. Next Door

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    The two big draws seem to be that they rotate their craft beers and other selections, as well as a unique environment.

    "They continually rotate their craft beers making this a great place to frequent."

    "Plenty of board games to play and since they don't have a kitchen you can bring in a bite or just pop next door for some barbecue."

    "I'm not much of a wine guy, but appears they rotate those selections as well."

    "Play board and car games, chat with other patrons, or just close your eyes and listen to the music."

    4. Tiger!Tiger!

    Thrillist / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.6 Stars

    Price Range: $

    "Tiger!Tiger! is a tavern and sandwich shop in North Park that serves up awesome sammies like fried chicken biscuits -- and they have a killer beer selection."

    3. Noble Experiment

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    It sounds like this place is pretty popular, since you need to text ahead for reservations...

    "If you want a guaranteed spot for you and your friends, I recommend booking a spot a week ahead of time. You can only do so via text, so grab the spot first because your chances of having a seat at the bar is quite slim."

    "Make sure you text ahead of time for reservations. I sent a text a week before we were going to be in town and the only opening they had left was on Sunday night."

    And did we mention a HIDDEN bar? A freakin' hidden bar!

    "Just walk into the back area and to your right next to the restrooms is a wall full of kegs. Just push that wall and it'll lead you to the hidden bar!"

    "It's fun trying to find the place. It's hidden inside The Neighborhood bar and you literally just push on this wall of what looks like kegs and a ladder and voila! There you are at the hostess stand."

    2. The Aero Club Bar

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $

    The biggest draw to this little dive bar is its impressive selection of alcoholic beverages...

    "Awesome little divey type bar with an incredible selection of booze. They literally hand you a liquor list that is about 20 pages long and totally off the hook."

    "A legit dive in its own right, with some of the most spectacular whiskey selection, and lighting decor I've seen."

    " One of the largest selections of Whiskey I have ever seen. Very impressed with the bartenders knowledge as well."

    "Can you say amazing whiskey selection? Love this place!"

    1. Hamilton's Tavern

    Yelp / Via

    Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars

    Price Range: $$

    Why did this make number 1? A mix of a good crowd, good food, and a good selection of beverages on hand. Enjoy!

    "By far the best bar in South Park always have rotating beers on tap their burgers are to die for especially the Hamilton burger also there Grill cheese too."

    "We visited Hamilton's on a recent beer-focused visit to San Diego. We had been to about 12 different breweries and several different bars, and everywhere we went people told us to make sure we visited Hamilton's. We were extremely happy we ended our last night in town here."

    "This place is darn cool and the crowd was unpretentious and friendly on my visit this weekend."

    "Great ambiance! Good beer, they have a huge selection of craft beers. It's nice that they have a juke box, good selection of music."

    "I'm not a small bit surprised that Hamiton's has a nearly perfect rating with almost 900 reviews. It's outstanding, and I'm happy that on my first visit to SD, I got to visit it's best bar."

    And remember...

    Don't drink and drive! Take a walk. Get a cab. Have a designated driver (poor guy - it takes a great friend to be DD). You really don't want to end up with a DUI. And we all know that a ticket really ruins the night.

    So pick your spot, make reservations (if needed), go out, and have some fun!

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