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9 Things Women Wish Didn't End So Quickly

Women are often characterized as the more patient sex. From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense why they would be (especially if you’re going to carry around a growing fetus for nine months). However, there are a few experiences that pass by way too fast.

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1. Sleep

Why is it that we have to be unconscious for the most relaxing and pleasant part of the day? Once that alarm clock starts to beep during those early morning hours, it’s time to groggily slump out of bed and go and face another day filled with responsibility, but boy, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get just a few more hours of sleep?

2. Lunch Breaks

It’s hard to enjoy lunch when you have to hurry, and cramming food down your throat so that you can get back to work is a sure-fire way to end up feeling bloated and grumpy through the rest of the day. We’re not asking for much — just a sensible two-hour lunch break possibly followed by a digestion nap.

3. Weekends

The weekend starts when you clock-out on Friday evening. It ends when you clock-in on Monday morning. You get a little over two days to cram in all of the fun and excitement that you’d been looking forward to all week. Instead, you have just enough time to do a little bit of grocery shopping and maybe clean that bathroom that’s starting to look like a petri dish. Back to work!

4. Vacations

Now we’re talking! A vacation offers a lot more time for enjoyment than your average weekend. Of course, if you plan on going anywhere farther away than just down the street, you’ll need to factor in travel time. Both ways. Plus, there’s packing, unpacking, repacking, and re-unpacking to consider. Also, it takes time to rent a car, check into a hotel, and even get over jet-lag. Once you figure out how much actual time you have left for enjoyment, you might discover that the vacation is over before you know it.

5. Youth

Even in our enlightened society, more importance is placed upon youth and looks for women than it is for men. It doesn’t help that many respected celebrities start hiding behind plastic surgery before they even get out of their twenties. However, for most of us, going under the knife isn’t really an option, and we’re forced to just age gracefully. Still, it would be nice if our teenage years had lasted just a few decades longer...

6. The Honeymoon Stage

New relationships are a blast. Everything that your new partner does is either romantic, entertaining, endearing, or at the absolute worst, forgivable. But don’t think that you’ll be twitterpated forever; once that honeymoon-stage ends (whether you’re actually married or not), you’re going to be left with a very real human being with flaws and imperfections.

7. Kissing

Speaking of the honeymoon-stage, do you remember how magical that first, long, deep kiss between you and your partner was? Having a good makeout session can be a great way to spend a few hours. Of course, once that relationship has progressed a bit further, your partner may develop a tendency to rush past the kissing to get to the nasty stuff. It’s too bad, because swapping spit can be every bit as exciting as knocking boots — and it doesn’t come with a built-in finish, either.

8. Sex

Women and men want different things from sex. Women want, romance, foreplay, caresses, loving words, passionate heat, intense physicality, and lots of cuddle-time afterwards. Men, on the other hand, are generally focused on the few seconds of climax that comes as a reward for going through all the motions. As such, even the best partners in the world sometimes rush through the formalities to get to the finish line a bit quicker (and that doesn’t even take into account the ever-present specter of premature ejaculation). When this happens, women often find themselves unsatisfied. They were looking forward to a marathon of intimacy, and instead ended up with the 400-yard dash.

9. Stages of Childhood

As those women who have had children can attest, babies grow up way too fast. And although you might wish, during those sleepless first few months, that your child would just get past this current stage a bit quicker, the reality is that once they’ve grown, you find that you miss your innocent and helpless little grub. Still, time moves on, and all we can do is run to catch up. So enjoy the time you have with your children while they still are children, and remember, even those things that end too quickly can change your life forever.

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