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5 Reasons To Use PDFs For Everything

If you have spent any length of time online, you have probably encountered a portable document format (PDF). These incredible file formats allow you to capture images, crazy fonts and formatting and display it on any operating system, browser or platform. They are like a printed document that you can view, create and edit on your computer. There are some magnificent benefits for individuals and businesses who use PDFs every day. Whether you are a job applicant who wants a more readable resume or a business who wants to publish a guide to a product, the PDF is an important file format to understand and utilize.

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1. Go Anywhere with PDFs

You can have true mobility when you create pdf documents and share them online. All you need is the right software to read PDF files, and there are many out there for free. Most computers and portable already have a PDF reader built into the operating system. PDFs do not require Microsoft Word, so they are incredible mobile and easy to share. They are also compatible with smart phones and tablets. Those who conduct a lot of business on the go can use PDFs to share multiple important documents and easily sign them online. It's the first step in going paperless.

2. Preserve All Your Visual Elements

Other word processors tend to distort images, delete unrecognized fonts and change formatting depending on the platform. However, PDFs capture all of these visual elements as if it was virtually printed on a screen. You can have unique text, graphics, images and formatting easily converted into a PDF. Then you can upload and share online just like a readable website or e-book.

3. Interact with PDFs

Hyperlinks, annotation, file attachments, music, movies and markups all work with PDF documents. You can important and export data, and it works with most employer recruiting software. You can type or free hand write on a PDF without changing the format either. Unlike other programs that may push or create unnecessary lines of text, you can write over lines of text, add to text and change different elements on PDFs using a simple editing program.

4. Data Encryption and Security

Many people use PDFs because you can easily secure your data when transmitted through this file format. This is a great option for businesses who share various important files online that may require signatures. By setting different requirements, you can make documents read only or allow others to edit documents. You can set a level of user access, add permissions, use password protection and require digital signatures. There is also little chance of a PDF file becoming affected with malware, too.

5. File Compression for Smaller Downloads and Uploads

If you want to share a lot of documents, it's quite easy to combine and compress PDFs into a smaller file to send online. You can host PDF files easily and use the compression tool to make graphic-heavy documents simple to share. PDFs also preserve quality, so even though a compressed file may be smaller, your images and text don't have to suffer.

PDFs are a great resource for businesses, individuals and families. You can upload important documents and send with security online. You can share artist portfolios online with ease. Companies can make product manuals and guides easier to read. It's an incredible way to have true mobility and visually stunning documents online. Best of all, PDF editors and readers are free and easy to use.

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