11 Signs You Could Be Addicted To Golf

Let’s just get this out there: golf is the perfect sport. It has class and style. It allows you to spend time outside in beautiful nature and drive around in one of the most fun vehicles on this planet. Most of all, it truly is a gentleman’s (and lady’s) game. It allows for banter, good conversation and an all-around good time. Here are some signs that it might just be your addiction.

1. You Live In (Or Have Considered Moving To) A Place Where Golf Can Be Played Year-Round

“But honey, moving to Hawaii is really important for my career.”

2. You Have the Perfect Golfer’s Tan

What? You don’t think these tan lines are sexy?

3. You Buy Golf Balls Just About Every Time You Go Shopping, Whether You Need Them or Not

4. Your Phone Contains At Least a Dozen Golf-Related Apps

And you have probably spent a good few hours of most days browsing the marketplace and looking for the best golf app for your iPhone.

5. You Spend the Entire Winter Counting Down Until the Start of the Professional Golf Season

And you probably spend the last month of the season dreading the winter.

6. You Know That April Is the Best Month of the Year…

7. …And Augusta is Your Mecca

8. When You Can’t Spend Time Golfing, You Spend It Playing This Game

There’s nothing wrong with a round of fantasy golf to pass the time in the off season? Right? RIGHT??

9. You Have Missed Important Events to Spend A Day On the Golf Course

But it’s a beautiful day! People get married all the time!

10. You Know the Importance of the Perfect Putt

“Guys, I just need one more hour.”

11. 18 Holes is Never Enough

Anyone up for another round?

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