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22 Ways The University Of Oregon's New Building Will Blow Your Mind

The Duck football team might just be the most spoiled team in all of college sports

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3. This is what you see when you walk in.

This is the lobby. You are looking at 64 55-inch televisions. They can all be programmed to show one image or 64 different things. Mind. Blown.

5. Every school has a trophy room, but does your university have a room "with LED lighting and 3D sound enhancing the presentation" of its bowl and championship rings?

17. Head Coach Mark Helfrich gets the best view, "but with the touch of a button shades will darken the room for the sake of film review."

Oh, yeah, and those two screens drop down out of the ceiling. Remind me why Chip Kelly left again.

18. There is a "war room," which might actually be scarier than a real war room.

It's huge, it's dark, it has six 80-inch TVs "and, like much of the rest of the facility, black magnetic walls that are also writable/erasable."

20. Because the locker room, dining room and cafeteria aren't cool enough, the players' lounge features "two banks of four 55-inch TV screens" and "six gaming stations."

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