Duck Face Origins Discovered!

We follow their every move, eat what they eat, wear what they wear, do what they do….celebrities. Have they unleashed “The Face” unto the world?

1. This photo proves that even 103 year olds can contract the disorder.

2. This photo begs the question, “Is it genetic?”

3. Victims seem to think they will appear sexy while making “The Face”, but if she can’t even pull it off neither can you.

4. Though probably trying to appear “dreamy”, this celebrity just looks as if he’s waiting for something to be inserted into his mouth.

5. This starlett has done something interesting. By combining Duck Face and, what I like to call Bitch Face, she has formed a new look…Bitch Duck.

6. Though I’m not sure who this hideous women is, she is apparently a celebrity…with a very advanced case.

7. Cross-eyed? Stoned? Pained? Hard to tell with this Duck Face.

8. And now, the most prevalent case to date. Scientists now believe this “star” is Patient X; the originator of this disorder.

So, studies have shown that celebrity-worship has led to the spread of this harmful disorder. Therefore, the solution seems to be STOP GIVING A SHIT ABOUT WHAT CELEBRITIES DO. It seems simple enough, but have we found the cure in time?

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