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    Street Artists Just Pulled Off The Largest Advertising Takeover In World History

    From Glasgow to Brighton the streets of the UK look a little different this week. In 10 cities guerrilla install crews have been swapping 365 ads with art works, creating the largest advertising takeover in world history.

    Brandalism / Via

    The crews targeted particularly obnoxious or sexist ads like this H & M ad featuring a stick-thin bikini-clad model that's currently on show to children around the country.

    Brandalism / Via

    Swapping the ads is easier than you’d imagine. All you need are some of the magic cabinet keys and a trusty hi-viz vest to remain hidden in plain sight. Here an install crew are slotting in a poster just outside Millbank and the Tory Party HQ.

    Brandalism / Via

    40 street artists produced the art that replaced the ads and the Brandalism crew lovingly hand printed each one of the 365 “six sheet” posters.

    Brandalism / Via

    No where was safe from the adbusting and even Harrods got a dose along with ads in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Oxford.

    Brandalism / Via

    Street artists like Princess Hijab, Hutch and Banksy's mate Paul Insect all designed pieces, some beautiful others a bit more...interesting.

    Brandalism / Via

    The Brandalism website has a guide to opening up the spaces and the video below shows how it was done. So why not get creative by having a go yourself and making your city even more of a beautiful place to live.

    Brandalism: The Video

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