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Predicting The Futures Of The Disney Couples

And they lived happily ever after...or did they?

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Ariel and Eric - The Little Mermaid

Ariel gave up being a mermaid for Eric and he...well he really liked her best when she couldn't speak. After the honeymoon it's likely these two will stay together for a while, but now that Ariel has given up all of her family and friends she really only has Eric to talk to - something she never did when they 'dated' As for Eric, well, he bases everything on looks.

Prediction: They'll stay married and have kids but Eric's wandering eye and Ariel's non-stop jabber will ensure they divorce once the kids leave home

Belle and Adam (Beast - please!) Beauty and the Beast

So let's recap, Belle falls in love with this guy when he's a giant, angry beast and he risks his life to protect her several times, then he get's turned into a hunky human and she's not complaining, they kiss, we cheer and all is well...and all remains well. Let's face it: Beast is clearly smitten with Belle and she seems happy enough to return to the castle to be with him even after he has released her from her imprisonment - these two = meant to be together

Prediction: Happily married for all time

Aladdin and Jasmine - Aladdin

Jasmine famously declares 'I choose you, Aladdin' sweet, but she doesn't really seem to have any other options does she? She's turned down practically every other guy who's interested in her so lying, thieving Aladdin really must be her best option. As for Al, well now he's a prince which is something of a step up from street rat so marrying Jasmine really works in his favor.

Prediction: Y'see, Jasmine wants out of the palace and Aladdin is all 'I can show you the world' but let's face it now that they're married is Al really going to want to be away from the palace for long? Unlikely! They'll stay married though, mainly because it's the best possible situation for the two of them - but bored Jasmine will probably take up a special someone or two and Aladdin is going to find it hard to resist the hoards of women now suddenly attracted to him...

Mulan and Shang - Mulan

Boy, it's really not looking good for these two. Firstly, there's the age-old 'he thought she was a guy' argument but to be fair it's not the fact that Shang may be playing for both teams that makes this one of the most awkward relationships on this list, it's the fact that Mulan doesn't seem all that interested in him! She invites him to 'stay for dinner' (with the family) hardly the most romantic gesture and when her grandmother asks him if he'd like to stay forever Mulan practically shakes her head, in other words: this is going nowhere!

Prediction: A few dates but they'll soon move on, Shang will find a nice army guy or a more traditional girl who needs a big, strong man to protect her and Mulan - well, she's a war hero - she'll be spoiled for choice!

Tarzan and Jane - Tarzan

Tarzan seems to really like Jane, after all, he went out of his way to learn what sort of gestures are considered romantic just to please her (remember that bouquet of flowers he foot-picked for her?) Jane also seems to really like Tarzan and it's probably more than just those abs swinging around the jungle 24/7 it's not like she can just leave the jungle once she gets bored of him!

Prediction: These two will be happy together, sure Jane may get a little homesick now and then or wish that they could have a more intellectual conversation once in a while but she's somewhat awkward and probably knows she won't bag a man as hot as T back in Victorian England

Aurora and Philip - Sleeping Beauty

This 'relationship' has disaster written all over it! Yes, he saves her and yes it was love's true kiss that did the job but seriously do they even know each other's names? It's not like either of them ever even introduce themselves (they don't talk for like, half the movie!) And look at that picture above - Aurora is clearly not into him, she's practically pulling herself away from him, and who could forget that face that young Phil pulled when he saw the baby 'Sleeping Beauty'?

Prediction: They'll marry for the sake of their parents and have the royal baby but after that she'll probably go back to the woods and live with her 'aunts' until some other guy comes along. Philip? He'll take a mistress.

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