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    How Victor Smushkevich Used A Positive Mindset To Attain 6 Figure Financial Freedom

    Some successful businessmen find their way into worlds of wealth via conventional measures, relying on family fortunes, old money, and important jobs straight out of their undergraduate careers. However, this storyline doesn’t ring true for everyone, and frankly, it’s a bit outdated. There are also those who find business success via their own measures of working hard and realizing that you can have what you want in life if you really try.

    And this latter route is the route that Victor Smushkevich took. You’ll want to tune into his story, because it’s a truly unique route to business success. Sure, there’s something seemingly fabulous about the idea of the quick and fancy life of Wall Street and big corporations. But isn’t there something even more special about a man who can create his own business world from the ground up?

    At a very young age, Victor Smushkevich realized that the 9 to 5 grind wasn’t for him. The residents in his home town were negative and small-minded and his mindset didn’t fit his current environment. As a young man, he wasn’t exposed to other entrepreneurs and no one in his family shared the importance of building a legacy or creating generational wealth through entrepreneurship. Most of the people in his hometown were happy with just making ends meet. “I didn’t really know the concept of entrepreneurship. Nobody around me was talking about that, and I don’t think I heard the word [entrepreneurship] growing up. From my own observation, it was a small-thinking environment and everyone was pretty negative.” Although Victor couldn’t explain it at the time, he knew that he was meant to do more with his life—he was different!

    The Most Trusted European SEO Expert Since 2008

    His marketing agency has been in operation for twelve years. Due to his exceptional results, his brand has been labeled “The Top 1 % of Digital Marketing”, but that wasn’t always the case. When he first leaped into the reality of running an online ad agency, he didn’t know exactly what was preventing him from reaching the next level of his business, and although he worked for 13 months as a digital marketing specialist driving millions of dollars a month in returns, earning over $10,000 a month, a powerhouse player in the sales industry, he quickly ran into the common challenges of being a new business owner. “I couldn’t grow. I couldn’t prosper. I couldn’t evolve because I was shackled from not knowing what I didn’t know.” After spending countless hours reading and studying content from tons of digital experts, he realized that most of the top earning “professionals” weren’t sharing valuable actionable steps that would generate real results. Instead, they were offering up “fluff” content and packaging it as valuable information, so he set out to provide others with marketing strategies that generate real results. Now, he uses his past struggles to teach others how to earn a whopping $60,000 a month by landing 5 high-paying clients in just 30 days!

    The Standard of Excellence

    Victor Smushkevich believes that education, perseverance, high-quality standards, and accountability all played a major part in his success. In fact, it was the tenacious pursuit of knowledge in the beginning of his career that inspired him to transform his past challenges and frustrations into a force for change in the marketing industry. “Always pursue more knowledge, specifically through mentors. I believe mentors are the cheat codes for life. I try to read two to three hours a day. I also take courses, but I’m not a course junky!” When it comes to perseverance and quality standards, he recognizes that maintaining exceptional standards is imperative to becoming successful in the ever growing, ever changing, marketing industry. “The ability to preserve and [uphold] a standard to get things done and make it happen will typically give you what you need to accomplish anything.”

    But there was a shift occurring. With the digitalization of marketing, Victor stayed ahead of the curve and educated himself on this breakthrough field. This helped Victor attain financial freedom like never before. As a result, this fiery entrepreneur delved into ads creation and his drive for success paid off in a major way.

    Victor is currently founder of an online SEO agency Smart Street Media, that helps attract new clients and retain older ones with impressive numbers. Today, Victor is focused on providing value to clients while assisting entrepreneurs. He knows the road to financial freedom is not easy, but employing a mix of belief and action is the key to success.