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So THAT'S What Those "Balls For Senate" Posters All Over Brooklyn Mean

We figured out what all those #BallsforSenate posters are -- and it's not what you think.

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So, what are these signs?

We started noticing these posters -- that look like, well, campaign posters for the most unfortunately named candidate ever -- cropping up around the Greater Williamsburg/Bushwick area a few weeks ago. We weren't the only ones.

Wait-- is this a hipster thing?

Well, a mailbox in front of the Morgantown hipster pizza cathedral, Roberta's, has become a particularly popular spot for 'gramming.

OK, I wanna know. Who *IS* Balls for Senate?

Is there actually a candidate running for Senate named Balls? Well, we found this unfortunately named Republican on Twitter who ran for State Senate in New Jersey in 2013:

But wait.

There's a clue in the posters that are right NEXT to the Balls for Senate ones.


It turns out Trailing is a web series - created by NYC-based comedian Steven Phillips-Horst. #BallsforSenate is a fictional candidate, complete with campaign posters, that are used as a prop in the show.

Here's the trailer for "Trailing." / Via

It actually looks kind of good.

So it was all a viral marketing campaign?

Yes! You should've known. Everything is a viral marketing campaign.

Who made them?

According to the Trailing show's Instagram account, the graphic design was done by LA-based graphic designer Irina Cocimarov.

Well, should I watch the show?

We watched two episodes and found them highly funny. They're only a few minutes each, so.. yeah, I guess, why not.

Here's one of the eps. / Via

You can check them all out here.

So there's really no politician named Balls?

No. But let's not forget Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID), who is literally the current Senator from Idaho.

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