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    • bradyas

      WellIlove Kale, baby spinach, and rainbow chard but my new staple green is Dandelion greens, which are super nutritious. They have higher amounts of calcium and iron than most cultivated greens. ThenIalways have cucumbers, celery and fresh ginger. Either cilantro and/or parsley for detoxifying oh and fennel bulbs for digestion. Been using beets, carrots, avocados and radishes in there too. Then whatever fruitsIwant to sweeten it up. Apples, blueberries, pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberry, raspberry, banana, etc.. Then comes my extra’s!Ialmost always use daily, chia seeds (which I’ve soaked in water for 15 minutes until they become gelatinous) flax seeds (whichImill first to make powder with the Nutribullet’s milling blade) raw shelled hemp seeds, Goji berries, Cacau nibs, Maca powder and Sacha Inchi powder. Sometimes I’ll add either almond butter or cashew butter for more protein andateaspoon of extra virgin olive oil for some more good fats to go with the avocado’s. My Nutriblast’s are SUPERBlasts and I’ve lost over 15 pounds since I’ve had my Nutribullet (only2months). Thanks Everyone!!

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