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The 25 Best Names In The NFL

What's in a name?

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The NFL season begins Thursday, September 4th in Seattle, Washington. I, and many other Americans, are ecstatic about pro football being back! Woop!

But let's take a look at the 25 best and most interesting player names currently on NFL rosters! Sports tend to give us some of the best names ever.

1. Boobie Dixon (RB, Bills) / Via Wikipedia

His real name is Anthony Dixon (which he went by when he played for the 49ers) but now that he's on the Buffalo Bills he's 'Boobie.'

Buffalo Bills' Boobie! Fun to say.

2. D'Brickashaw Ferguson (OT, Jets) / Via Wikipedia

Try to say his name five times fast?

Did you do it? Yeah it wasn't that difficult... But how awesome is D'Brickashaw's name? It's excellent!

4. Darren Sproles (RB, Eagles) / Via Black Sports Online

Now hear me out.

Darren Sproles' name may not be that interesting sounding, but say his name slowly... now say it a bit faster. Isn't it just one of the better sounding names in football? He was perfect when he was a Charger because he and his name (to me) represented a lightning bolt!

Sppprrrroooooollleeeesssss! Yes!

5. Paul Posluszny (LB, Jaguars) / Via Wikipedia

'Paul Posluszny' sounds like a muscle-bound bad guy in an '80s action movie. He plays the perfect position for his terrific, albeit frightening-sounding, name.

6. Bjoern Werner (OLB, Colts) / Via Colts Authority

Another villianious sounding name is Bjoern Werner (it's Bjoern per but Bjorn per other sites). Still a spectacular name for a football player.

Which "bad" guy would you rather face? Werner or Posluszny?

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