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Top 10 Tips, Tricks, And Myths From A Bradley University Senior

There is so much to learn about college life at Bradley.

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1. Your professors are super cool!

Your professors are not here to lecture at you. They want to get to know you, help you find your future job, and assist with making your time at Bradley the most awesome experience yet! I'll let you in on a little secret... most professors let you call them by their first name or awesome nicknames like Doc G!

2. You don’t study when you study abroad

Ok you do, but it doesn't feel like you are because excitement is flowing through your veins as you explore the historic streets of London or are sitting seaside tasting tapas in Barcelona.

3. Going into college with an undecided major is NOT the worst case scenario

How are you supposed to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you just graduated high school?! Well, that's what our Academic Exploration Program (AEP) is here for! One third of students who enroll in AEP will choose a major by the end of their first semester, one third will choose a major by the end of their second semester, and one third will choose a major by the end of their third semester. See, not scary at all! Bradley will help you find your perfect career fit, no matter what.

4. Your Resident Advisor (RA) is more than a hall monitor

They're college students too! Your RA knows the ins and outs of campus and is here to be your friend and mentor as well! They love the Bachelor and Monday Night Football, just like you. So be sure to make an effort to get to know your RA, you won't regret it!

5. Sick? You deserve a get well soon gift!

If you're sick, Health Services always comes in clutch with their awesome "get well soon" goodie bags. They have everything from soup, and crackers, to Gatorade, so you'll be better in no time!

6. You won’t eat ramen noodles for every meal

Bradley has 11 dining areas on campus that offer anything from tortellini to smoothies. Also, a variety of dining areas offer special late night menus to satisfy your post-study cravings! Did someone say wings? :)

7. Keep an eye on campus posters for all the awesome activities

Bradley has over 240 organizations, so there's always something going on! Subscribe to Hilltop Happenings, Bradley's bi-weekly email update for events, and check out the bulletin boards around campus. It's the easiest way to stay in touch with what is happening on the Hilltop.

8. Worried about becoming a "broke college student"? Don't be!

Bradley has a Part-time Employment Expo for students who are seeking jobs during the school year. At the expo, you can meet on- and off-campus employers who are accommodating to your campus involvement and class schedule!

9. Put requests into dining services!

Craving your favorite homemade meal or sweet treat? Our cafeterias have recommendation boxes where students can input their own dining suggestions. Guess what? Bradley listens because they care about satisfying your taste buds and making every dining experience awesome!

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