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The 7 Types Of Friends You'll Make At Bradley University

If one thing is certain, it's that you *will* meet friends at Bradley. You'll meet lots of friends!

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1. Your First Friends


Whether it was at a Visit Day, Summer Orientation or during Welcome Week, you immediately connected with these people when you met on the Hilltop. Maybe you don't remember exactly how you met and became friends, but they’ve always been there for you.

2. Your Study Buddy


Maybe you have classes and labs together or maybe you’re a part of the same major, but you’re always there to help quiz each other and work through practice problems together.

3. Your Lunch Date


Your schedules align just *perfectly* so that you have a break for lunch at the exact same time. It gives you a great chance to catch up on your weeks and keep each other company while you grab a bite to eat!

4. Your Adventurous Friend


No matter what kind of mood you’re in, this friend is always ready to try something new! Whether you want to get involved in a new campus organization or explore the Peoria area, they’re right there with you!

5. Your Super Involved Friend


This friend always knows what's happening on campus, because they're involved in all of it! They keep you in the loop about when the coolest events are happening and where you can find some free food or giveaways (because who doesn't love free stuff?!)

6. Your Friends from Organizations


You got connected right off the bat because you both have a common interest in a club at Bradley! Whether it was the Car Enthusiast Club, Fencing Club, a Greek organization, or Movie Club, you became fast friends! But now your friendship goes far beyond meetings and has grown tenfold!

7. Your Best Friend


You're a dynamic duo, you're always together, you're always supportive of one another's dreams, and you can always cheer each other up. Your friendship will go far beyond Bradley for years and years to come!

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