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Bradley's Dorm Room Hacks!

We've complied our top tips and tricks to help utilize every nook and cranny of your dorm room!

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Use a file folder instead of taking up drawer space to store your hair appliances!

Hang loose cords around removable hooks, so you don't have to worry about tripping over them!

Use a shoe rack to arrange your desk necessities!

Stack milk cartons on top of shelfs to provide added storage space!

Piece of wood + thumb tacks = an easy DIY jewelry holder!

Repurpose curtains and a shower rod to cover your closet!

Bring a fresh scent to your room by clipping a car air freshener to your vent!

Never lose your toothbrush by using a removable hook as a holder!

Create double clothes hangers with a can top!

Slip important cords through binder clips for plug in convenience!

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