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7 Things You'll Find Out About Your Bradley RA

Every floor has one, but do you know what your Bradley Resident Advisor actually does for you? We talked to a few Bradley ResLife staffers to get the ~inside scoop~ on how your RAs are here to help you.

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1. They plan awesome events for you during the year!


Your RAs know that floor mates make fast friends! Who knows? Maybe your neighbor is the same major or is from the same town, or maybe they have similar interests! So your RA plans super fun activities for your floor to get to know each other! Who's up for a movie marathon or a spa night? Or maybe a football game party and video game session?

"My favorite program that I've done for my floor was a Nerf war. We based the games off of Call of Duty and used the entire floor and our lounge and fought each other," said Alex, an RA in Heitz Hall.

2. They make your floor feel like your home-away-from-home!


From the moment you set foot on campus during Welcome Week, your RA is on a mission to make you feel at home at Bradley! Your RAs put up fun door decorations and bulletin boards to welcome you to the floor. They brighten up the hallway with memes and posters related to your floor theme.

"I think it felt like home because everyone on the floor was new to college, so they were bonded by that. My RA partner and I really tried to listen to what they wanted to do. There was a certain amount of being their "mom" by showing them where their classes were and being their emotional support. Above all else, I think that being a friendly face in a crowd of strangers helped the most," said Kelsey, an RA in Williams Hall.

3. They can be one of your best resources for all things Bradley related!


Your RAs are a wealth of information and they know all the ins and outs of Bradley life because they've been in your shoes! They were once deciding if they should change majors, trying to find a part-time job on campus, or looking for extracurricular clubs to join. Even if your RA doesn't have all the answers, they can definitely point you in the direction of someone who will!

"RAs are typically involved in many activities, contributing to the campus community. Through our personal involvement, we also gain a sense of the events going on," said John, an RA in Heitz Hall.

4. They don’t want to be “the bad guy.”


No one wants to be a "buzzkill," but your RA is ultimately there to keep you, and the rest of your floor, safe. They're not there to ruin anyone's fun, but they'll do their job if they have to.

"[Being 'the bad guy'] isn’t my job. My job is to make sure the residents on my floor are safe and are performing their best in school." said Dawson, an RA in Geisert Hall.

5. Being an RA is not just a job to them!


Sure, RAs get paid for what they do, but for most of them, their desire to help goes far beyond that. Your RAs want to build connections with you and help you transition to college. Most of your RAs had their own friendships with their RAs, who've inspired them to impact the lives of others.

"My RA, my freshman year, was so wonderful in helping me make friends and feeling like I belonged at Bradley. She was one of my closest friends and confidants and she's why I applied to be an RA. I want to make other girls feel as cared for and welcomed as she made me feel," said Melissa, an RA in University Hall.

6. They’re there for you anytime, day or night!


Whether it's 5 AM or 11 PM, your RA is there to help. They will drop everything (within reason) to do whatever they can to help amend the situation. Whether you need someone to help in an emergency situation, someone to mediate a disagreement between you and your roommate, or you just need someone to talk to, your RA is always willing and able to help.

"I love to help out on big situations or issues because a person would value my opinion on the situations. If they come to rant, I also appreciate that because I’d rather have it go towards me than causing negative effects somewhere else," said Justice, an RA in Williams Hall.

7. They actually care about you!


Your RAs want nothing more than to see you succeed and do amazing things here at Bradley! They couldn't be more proud when you tell them you aced your test or got elected to the executive board of your student organization! Your RAs are ready to celebrate with you when times are good and are there to help you through the tougher times.

"I care about my residents! I’ve made mistakes in college and in life in general and I want to make sure my residents don’t. Sometimes I see myself in them and I really want to guide them down the right path. Also, when I see a resident struggling I just want to be there to help them through whatever is troubling them," said Jason, an RA in Lovelace Hall.

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