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5 Bradley University Study Spots That Aren't The Library

These places make us want to buckle down and get to work!

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1. Student Center Atrium

The Student Center Atrium has floor to ceiling windows, comfortable couches and a perfect view of the construction for the new Business and Engineering Complex. There's a TV too, so you can watch the big game while studying for your biology test.

2. Westlake Nooks

Tired of using paper and pencils? Westlake has space for students to write on the table tops and walls! These study nooks are useful for freeing your creative thoughts and thinking outside the box!

5. Library Study Pods

Ok, these are in the library, but you can plug in, put your feet up, and study. It's the most comfortable and personal space on campus. You can charge multiple devices at once and put your coffee in it's designated, only-a-reach-away spot, without having to leave your study pod!

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