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18 Signs You're Going To Bradley University

All signs point to the Hilltop!

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1. You talk about Bradley non-stop to anyone and everyone you meet

2. When you're on campus it feels like your home-away-from-home

3. You add BradleyBound on Snapchat

4. You put down your enrollment deposit

5. You start gathering dorm supplies like it's your job

6. You're counting down the days until your Orientation session

7. You get your Bradley ID Card

8. After Orientation, you're counting down the days until Move-In

9. You have a photo with Kaboom! (Bradley's mascot)

10. You've looked at the clubs and organizations you would like to join once you arrive on campus

11. You've purchased your Red Sea (Bradley's Student Section) membership

12. Half of your wardrobe is Bradley gear

13. You've used the hashtag #BradleyBound on social media

14. You live vicariously through current students on InsideBradley

15. You've put a Bradley decal on your car or laptop

16. Your favorite color is "Bradley Red"

17. You buy your books and prepare for your first day of classes on the Hilltop

18. You made it all the way through this list

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