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19 Struggles Of Someone Who Is Always Sleepy

Tired all day, tired all night.

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1. You wake up tired.


2. And then getting up (after hitting the snooze button three times) is probably the hardest thing ever.


3. You've been through quite a few alarm clocks, having broken them in anger after they've woken you up.

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4. You struggle to eat breakfast in the morning, not because you're not hungry, but because you're tired.

5. You get to work and you're tired before you even start.

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6. You can sleep on planes, you can sleep on trains. Hell, you can even sleep when it rains.


Dr. Suess where you at?

7. You acknowledge that you're tired all the time, so you try to get, like, 15 hours sleep. But you're still tired.

8. Some people do drugs but you just do naps.

9. Red Bull, coffee, all of it. It doesn't help. It can't push away the tiredness.


10. So you have more than one, and instead of waking you up it just makes you feel sick in a surreal way.

11. More than once, you've made plans to meet someone early in the morning, only to postpone for fear of missing out on that sweet, sweet sleep.


12. Coldplay lyrics relate to you on a deep level.

You can't sleep because YOU'RE AT WORK LOL.

13. You try to eat to wake yourself up, but no food, no matter how healthy or how it's "supposed to wake you up," does the job.


14. You've thought about adult diapers, but decided against it.

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Then you could sleep alllll day and never have to get up to pee.

15. You can't remember a time when you didn't have bags under your eyes.

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16. You have more than ten playlists dedicated to sleeping.


17. You envy cats, and their lifestyle.

18. But you've come to terms with your life, and now you fully accept it.

19. You're too tired for anything else tbh.