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We Asked Young Aussies If Brexit Will Change How They View Their Vote

"Gonna draw a new box and tick that and call the box 'Not Donald Trump'. Then take a photo and post it to Facebook."

Australia's federal election is set to go down this Saturday and young people across the nation are faced with the familiar wait-in-line to cast their compulsory vote.

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In May the ABC reported that more than 950,000 Australians were yet to enrol to vote and almost half of all 18-year-olds and nearly 350,000 young people weren't enrolled at all.

Australia's young people are in a position to heavily influence the results in marginal seats across the country, and groups like GetUp! have been campaigning heavily to encourage them to get in on the action.

Last week the United Kingdom held a referendum to decide if it should leave the European Union. Spectacularly, a majority voted to leave the EU, and the UK has been plunged into political turmoil. Prime minister David Cameron has resigned and several opposition MPs have quit the shadow cabinet.

Shortly after the result was announced, stories began circulating of Brexit voters regretting their choice, saying they didn't realise their vote would affect the outcome.

BuzzFeed News asked a bunch of young Aussies if the UK's Leave vote had affected how they will approach Saturday's federal election. These are the responses:

Some people said Brexit had made them realise the importance of their vote.

BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News

Others were just confused by the whole thing...

BuzzFeed News

And some had decided who they were voting for long ago.

BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News

And then some people, well...

BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News

Australia goes to the polls on 2 July. Good luck, fellow youths!

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