Reminder That Ruby Rose Got Her Start In The Girlfriend Model Search

    Crushin' it from 16 onward.

    Hey, everyone! We're sure you're pretty familiar with Ruby Rose by now. The Australian actress and DJ is picking up steam for her recent part in Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black.

    Well, just wanted to throw a reminder out there that every story has a beginning, and Ruby Rose's began in the Girlfriend Model Search.

    Yep, there she is!

    Ruby was part of the 2003 model search and was runner-up behind Catherine McNeil – to whom she later got engaged before ending the relationship and finding ~twu luv~ with Phoebe Dahl.

    Her favourite movie back then was A Walk to Remember, because who didn't love a lil' Mandy Moore? Ruby also dished out the perfect response to the shady AF "dream leading man" question.

    Although she didn't win, everything worked out pretty well for Ruby, didn't it?