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    Jul 8, 2014

    25 YouTube Comments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    The internet is a dark, hilarious place.

    1. This guy who feels better about himself.

    2. This guy who tried his best.

    3. The person who had an existential crisis midway through this video...

    4. ...and this video.

    5. The comment that made MC Hammer very happy :)

    6. This bargain hunter.

    7. This Donald Glover lover.

    8. The person who channeled Fort Minor to give an easy to remember cake recipe :)

    9. Mozart dropping the beat.

    10. The guy who is finally getting his flesh light delivered.

    11. This meeting of robber and robbed.

    12. Historical confirmation of what Abraham Lincoln looked like.

    13. This guy who just wants equality.

    14. The Killers from a hamsters perspective.

    15. This lamp.

    16. The simple one.

    17. The comment asking the REAL questions.

    18. And this comment asking the tough questions.

    19. This person from Indonesia.

    20. This guys mom.

    21. Optimus Prime's messenger.

    22. This guy who gives a solution to all our problems.

    23. The two types of comment you get on Youtube.

    24. This comparison of Lady Gaga and He Who Must Not Be Named.

    25. And this. Which pretty much sums up people on the internet.

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