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    Posted on 7 Apr 2016

    Americans Have Discovered Australian Toilets Again And It's Freaking Them Out

    Australia vs. America: The Toilet Chronicles.

    A video outlining the differences between Australian and American toilets has been viewed over 100,000 times thanks to Reddit. Thousands of confused Americans and equally bemused Australians have come together to ask the important question: Which nation has the best toilet?

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    Uploaded in 2008, "Caroma Dual Flush Toilet: Supreme Dual Flush Power" seems to be nothing more than a sales pitch from a small plumbing company that somehow got into the hands of the right people and then found its way onto Reddit this year.

    Just look at all that ridiculous American piping.

    "I keep telling you that the performance of the Caroma toilets is ahead of the rest," says a voiceover, before showing an animation comparing the "North American Siphon Flush and the "Caroma Dual Flush Washdown Technology" which is common in Australian toilets.

    Caroma toilets appear to have a "trapway" twice the size of a normal toilet. It's so big, you can fit a baseball through it!

    There's certainly nothing horrifyingly disturbing about this imagery, no sir!

    However, judging by the statistics behind the video's views, people have always been interested in the American vs. Australia toilet battle.

    On Reddit, the discussion quickly turned towards plungers, and why Australians don't really tend to need them as much as Americans.

    "Australian living in the U.S here," said CUNTstandinopie No wonder the toilets her get clogged so easy."

    Japeslol then commented on the prominence of plungers in American culture.

    "I always wondered why plungers were so readily available in TV/Movies. Even read the other day in an AskReddit thread titled something like 'what is something you should have before you need it' and someone mentioned a plunger.I legitimately don't think I've ever had one in my house, even as a child."

    And then people just started talking about "consistent, unbroken stool".

    "American toilets are superior for one thing," wrote disposable_ted. "They make your poops super long. Since the water is so high, the there's less gravitation force applied to the faeces. So yes, while Australian toilets might be a better overall system, an American toilet will always win hands down when it comes to producing a consistent, unbroken stool."

    For the record, this is a topic that has been discussed plenty, and pretty much every time Australia comes out on top.

    Even if Aussies have their own, non-flush related toilet issues.

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